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[Pre-orde] Waifu Series: Crazy Guns

[Pre-orde] Waifu Series: Crazy Guns

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Size: 2.5”

Black Nickel

Back Stamp

Effects: Sandblasted Background

 PRODUCTION TIME: Pins can take anywhere between 2-6 months to be made and shipped out to everyone after grading. There are times when it may take longer due to unexpected delays. Please beware of this and if you are unable to wait, please wait for IN HAND drops.

↬ Note - There WILL be slight variations between this design image and the final physical product. AS IT WILL LOOK MORE LIKE THE ANIME COLOR!!!! Please read my preorder policy if you have any questions before purchasing.

↬ A series of anime girls hugging the plushie crush cause you all know we wish we had our 2D men plush ourselves.
↬ For more grading policies please look under the FAQs tab.
↬ Disclaimer: these are not official or licensed anime pins these are fandom base designs.