DO NOT COMBINE IN HAND PINS WITH PREORDERS (or you will be refunded) . Other merch COMMING SOON


Shipping & Handling:
[All Shipping is done under USPS first class mail]
Once shipped, and it's out of Chibi's hands, the shop is not liable for lost packages, stolen packages, return packages, or any damages that may happen in transit. As the shop cannot control what happens once dropped off at the post office. Customers must contact their local post office to inquire on any of the above issues.

⇾ Shipping Destinations:
     I ship both domestically and internationally

⇾ Shipping & Handling Time:

     ↬ USPS first class mail takes from 2-5 days, once shipped, but can sometimes take from 5-10 days due to delays maybe even longer.

     ↬ International orders vary from 2-12 weeks depending on the carrier.

     ↬ Shipping can also vary from location to location and other factors, such as pandemic, economic struggle, and time of year.

⇾ Shipping Cost:
     ↬ Cost of shipping can vary depending on location, weight, and/or holidays.

⇾ Tracking:
     ↬ All orders will come with tracking unless stated other wise, you will receive tracking via email, or if you download the SHOP app it will also track your order for you and notify you when your order ships. If you pay via PayPal and still want to track your order via the shop app there is a way, just go to the email and click view my order. Once there at the bottom it will say track my order with shop, and it will then keep track for you.

NO Combined Shipping:
⇾ No combined shipping for domestic and international orders. No exceptions.
⇾ Please follow me on Instagram for all updates relating to pre-orders. The instagram will have progress pictures and/or estimated times of when I will be receiving various pins. 

⇾ Pre-orders can take up to 1-4 months sometimes longer. This depends on how backed up a manufacturer may be or how complex the design is. Once in my possession please allow up to a week of grading, time will also depend on my REAL job or con schedule. An additional 3-7 days (possibly a week) to pack everything once pins are in hand.

⇾ All orders will come with tracking numbers.

⇾ In-Hands may NOT be purchased with a Pre-order. If your order has an in-hand with your pre-order you will be refunded.
⇾ You can select your preferred payment method with the quick check out or at the cart option.

Returns & Exchange Policies:
⇾ I want to make sure that as my customer you are happy with your product, so please read the item description for sizing and effects before purchasing.

⇾ If you find an issue with your order (ie. a missing pin, bought A grade but was given B grade, etc.) please contact FantasyChibi within a 2 week time frame from when the item is marked as delivered. Anything past this time frame will not be considered for returns, refunds, or exchanges.

     ↬ If you were on a trip, while the pin was delivered to you and you do not get back from the trip until after the 2 week time period, you must provide evidence of said trip in order for FantasyChibi to help with your order issue. 

⇾ If you have any issues with your order please contact me at (Email) / (Instagram) / Discord (If in server, message in #❕questions-and-help) as soon as possible. Please state your name, order number, and what is wrong with your items. If you're able to add pictures of the issue, it be highly appreciated. 

 Refund requests are reviewed on a case by cases basis. I am currently not accepting returns or exchanges on pre-orders unless it's upgrading to a full set or if a different variant is requested (if available). 
Pin Grading Scale:
⇾ All pins are inspected under natural sunlight or up against my desk lamp. 
⇾ Grading is subjective to each pin maker and can vary from shop to shop.
⇾ Keep in mind, I am a very strict grader on my LE pins, while OE pins not as harsh. [Listings will always state if the pin is LE, if nothing is stated then it is an OE pin]

⇾ A-Grade/Standard:
↬ Not noticeable from 6 inches arms length.
     ↬ No noticeable flaws, but note all pins are hand made so there is still chance of; stray specs of paint and/or glitter, slightly uneven enamel, minor flaws with the metal plating, light surface scuffs or light scratches, minor offset screen printing, and tiny dust or bubbles in enamel.

⇾ B-Grade: 
Usually up to 7 minor flaws.
     ↬ Slightly lower quality, a few more noticeable flaws.
     ↬ Noticeable or multiple areas of under filled enamel.
     ↬ Moderately scuffed enamel or metal.
     ↬ Multiple points of imperfections on the metal plating.
     ↬ Multiple air bubbles.
     ↬ Missing metal lines.
     ↬ Missing enamel on a small portion of the pin.
     ↬ Noticeable off-set screen-printing.
     ↬ Ares of low glitter.
     ↬ Enamel staining on sides or back of pin.
     ↬ Overfilled enamel that floods some metal lines.
     ↬ Some missing plating on duochrome pins.
     ↬ Large amounts of glitter in areas where there shouldn't be.
     ↬ Noticeable amounts of dust on soft enamel.
     ↬ Small gouges or marks on enamel.
     ↬ Encased posts that have a significant sway. 
     ↬ Large areas of imperfection of the metal on the sides of the pin.
     ↬ Large areas of plating missing on the back of the pin.

⇾ C-Grade/Seconds: 
Usually 8+ minor/major flaws.
Usually priced 50% off the normal price.
Occasionally, thrown in as freebies.  
     ↬ Excessive bubbles
     ↬ Low enamel fill in large areas

     ↬ Chipped metal plating
     ↬ Large dents or scratches
     ↬ Missing or excessive offset on the screen printed details (Particularly on the face of character)
DISCLAIMER: All pins produced by Fantasy Chibi Pins are not licensed or official anime pins, these are all fan based designs. All art proofs are slightly off colored when produced as well. Purchasing from Fantasy Chibi Pins means you have agreed to all things stated above There are no refunds or exchanges on pins purchased under their stated grading category, thank you for your cooperation. 

🥺🥺Please note I am still only human, I do make mistakes but I am happy to help in these situations.🥺🥺